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..::. United States Weather related websites ..::.
Weather-Photos.NET - by Marko Korosec, SLO
Twister Data - Weather Data And Model Forecasts
SPC - United States Storm Prediction Center
Storm Track - StormTrack forum
Chuck A. Doswell III - Homepage of Senior Research Scientist at CIMMS, University of Oklahoma (USA)
Oklahoma Mesonet - a world-class network of environmental monitoring stations
College of DuPage - College of DuPage Next Generation Weather Lab
NCAR - The National Center for Atmospheric Research Real-Time Weather Data
NOAA - National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

..::. Universities and Schools of Meteorology ..::.
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics - University of Ljubljana
Chair of Meteorology - Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Slovenia
School of Meteorology - University of Oklahoma, USA
Department of Atmospheric Science - University of Illinois at Urbana, USA
Natural Hazards - University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

..::. Weather Photography and Storm chasers websites ..::.
Australian Severe Weather website - by Jimmy Deguara & Michael Bath (Australia)
Australian Professional Press Photographer - by Nick Moir (Australia)
Big Sky Convection - by Dann Cianca (Colorado, USA)
Chase To Live And Live To Chase! - Rich Thompson (Oklahoma, USA)
Chase Day - Storm chasing with veteral storm chaser - by Gene Moore (Texas, USA)
Cloud Atlas and other Weather Photos - by Bernhard Mühr (Germany)
Capetown Skies - by Gordon Richardson (South Africa)
Clouds and Other Weather Phenomena - by Bertil Lindén (Sweden, Switzerland (Sweden, Switzerland)
Cloud Atlas - by Alexandre Viana Vieira e Silva (Brasil)
Dan Larusso Photography - by Daniel Carl LaRusso (Maryland, USA)
Dean Storm - Storm chasing with a Swiss twist - by Dean Gill (Switzerland)
Deep Convection - by Jared Guyer (Oklahoma, USA)
Echos of Thunder - by Bryan Lauber & Anthony Bavaro (New Jersey, USA)
Extreme Instability - by Mike Hollingshead (Nebraska, USA)
Extreme Tornado Tours - by Reed Timmer (Oklahoma, USA)
FenomeniTemporaleschi.IT - Severe Weather and Thunderstorms tutorial - by Alberto Gobbi (Italy)
Genesis Fine Art Photography - by Nick Djordjevic (Australia)
Hark Photo - by Bill Hark (Oklahoma, USA)
In the Clouds photography - by Gregory Thompson (Colorado, USA)
In The Vortex - by David Drummond (Texas, USA)
Iowa Chaser - by Jayson Prentice (Iowa, USA)
Jim Reed Photography - by Jim Reed (Kansas, USA)
Laura WX - by Laura Duchesne (Ontario, Canada)
Loaded Gun Storm Chasing - by Mikey Gribble (Kansas, USA)
Lightning Boy - by Douglas Kiesling (Minnesota, USA)
Lightning Wizard - by Oscar van der Velde (Spain)
Luminous Landscape - A website about landscape photography techniques and digital post-processing
MesoScale.ws - by Eric Nguyen (Oklahoma, USA)
MH Weather Photos - by Mark Humpage (England)
Midwest Chasers - by Kurt Hulst (Michigan, USA)
MNWX Chaser - by Bill Doms (Minnesota, USA)
Northern Illinois Storm Chaser - by Danny Neal (Illinois, USA)
Passion Twist - by Shane Adams (Oklahoma, USA)
Severe Idaho Lightning and Various other Photography - by Gerrit Gulden (Idaho, USA)
Sky Chaser - by Christopher Collura (Florida, USA)
Severe Weather Photography - by Jason Persoff (Florida, USA)
Storm Chaser DK - by Thomas Dolmer Nielsen (Denmark, Europe)
Storm Chaser, Adventurer & Explorer - by George Kourounis (Quebec, Canada)
Storm Highway - by Dan Robinson (West Virginia, USA)
Storm Spectator - by Steven Gliebe (Texas, USA)
Thunder Hunter - by Bradley Hannon (Australia)
TT - Thunderstorm Team / Italian Storm Chasers - by Andrea Griffa (Italy)
Thunderstorm chaser - by Christophe Suarez (France)
Tornado Central - by Jeff Snyder (Oklahoma, USA)
Tornadoes Kick Storm Chasing - by Tony Laubach (Colorado, USA)
Tornado Extreme Chase - by Bill Tabor (Texas, USA)
Under the Meso - by Mike Umsheid (Kansas, USA)
Vortex Times - by Brian Stertz (Kansas, USA)
Weatherpix Stock Images - by Gene Rhoden (Oklahoma, USA)
Weather Photography - by Harald Edens (New Mexico, USA)
Weather Photography - by Tom Eklund (Finland)
Weather Pictures and Storm Chasing - by Bernard Hulsof (Netherlands)
Wetter-Foto.de - by Daniel Schalberger (Germany)

..::. Storm chasing blogs .::..
Inflow Jet blog - by Marko Korosec (Slovenia, Europe)
Weather Photos blog - by Marko Korosec (Slovenia, Europe)
Aaron's WX blog - by Aaron Cunningham (Oklahoma, USA)
Aero Storms blog - by Adam Lucio (Illinois, USA)
Atmospheric Insights blog - by Ed Berry (Kansas, USA)
Beau's Weather Blog - by Beau Dodson (Kentucky, USA)
Big Sky Convection blog - by Dann Cianca (Colorado, USA)
Backing Winds blog - by Ryan McGinnis (Nebraska, USA)
Chase Tornadoes blog - by Darin Brunin (Kansas, USA)
Chasing Hans blog - by Hans Schroeder (Oklahoma, USA)
Core Burn blog - by Jason R. Hunter (Texas, USA)
Carlson Chasers blog - by Verne Carlson (Colorado, USA)
Cyclone Road blog - by Amos Magliocco (Texas, USA)
Dick McGowan's Storm Chasing and Photography blog - by Dick McGowan (Kansas, USA)
Euro Sprite Campain blog - by Oscar van der Velde (Spain, Europe)
Great Sky of The North blog - by Bill Doms (Minnesota, USA)
Gobob Chasing blog - by Bob Hall (Oklahoma, USA)
HamWX Chase blog - by Steve Miller (Oklahoma, USA)
High Plains Drifter blog - by Mike Umscheid (Kansas, USA)
Indiana Weather Online blog - by Brandon Redmond (Indiana, USA)
In The Vortex blog - by David Drummond (Texas, USA)
Iowa chaser blog - by Jayson Prentice (Iowa, USA)
John Davies Severe Weather Notes - by John Davies (Missouri, USA)
Jim Reed Photography blog - by Jim Reed (Kansas, USA)
Loadedgun Chasing blog - by Mickey Gribble (Kansas, USA)
Midwest Chasers blog - by Kurt Hulst (Michigan, USA)
My Tornadic Mind blog - by Laura Duchesne (Ontario, Canada)
Michael Carlson Photography blog - by Michael Carlson (Colorado, USA)
Mike Scantlin WX blog - by Mike Scantlin (Oklahoma, USA)
MesoMike blog - by Mike Smith (Georgia, USA)
Moving Pictures - by Allan Detrich (Ohio, USA)
Midwest Chasing Weather blog - by Daniel Cook (Illinois, USA)
Northern Illinois Storm Chaser blog - by Danny Neal (Illinois, USA)
On The Gust Front blog - by Jim Zandonai (Illinois, USA)
Passion Twist blog - by Shane Adams (Oklahoma, USA)
Prairie Storm blog - by Andrew Pritchard (Illinois, USA)
Panhandle Skies blog - by Steve Douglass (Texas, USA)
Rotating Gyre blog - by Jared Guyer (Oklahoma, USA)
Storms Observed this Year blog - by Roger Edwards (Oklahoma, USA)
Storm Chasing Tornadoes and Weather blog - by Michael Bath (Australia)
Storm Chaser, Adventurer & Explorer blog - by George Kourounis (Quebec, Canada)
Storm Season blog - by Mike Peregrine (Missouri, USA)
Storm Chase blog - by Jason Boggs (Texas, USA)
Storm Highway blog - by Dan Robinson (West Virginia, USA)
Supercell Crazy blog - by Michael O'Keeffe (Kansas, USA)
Sky Chaser blog - by Christopher Collura (Florida, USA)
Storm and Hurricane Video blog - by Jeff Gammons (Florida, USA)
Texas Tailblogger - by Steve Miller (Texas, USA)
Tornadoes Kick blog - by Tony Laubach (Colorado, USA)
Texas Chaser - by Aaron Estman (Texas, USA)
The Debris Cloud - by Bobby Edins (Texas, USA)
Tornado Central blog - by Jeff Snyder (Oklahoma, USA)
The Flight of a South Georgia Storm Chaser - by Jennifer "Dewdrop" (Georgia, USA)
Tornado Hunter blog - by Lanny Dean (Oklahoma, USA)
Twistersisters blog - by Peggy & Melanie (Minnesota, USA)
The Big Storm Picture blog - by Ryan McGinnis (Nebraska, USA)
Vortex Pursuit blog - by Ben Prusia (Kansas, USA)
Weather On My Mind blog - by Paul Sirvatka (Illinois, USA)

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