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The author of the www.InflowJet.NET website is Marko Korosec from Slovenia, Europe. Marko studies severe weather storms, researching them through forecasting and preparing case studies of the most severe events. His main research areas of interest are mostly concentrated on research of mesoscale and convective dynamics, especially on severe storms with the forecasting initiation with triggering mechanism for deep moist convection on pre-existing airmass boundaries (e.g. drylines or other near-surface convergence boundaries like outflow boundaries, etc.). Besides researching severe weather Marko is also an eXtreme storm chaser of all severe weather events worldwide, lately mostly across the Tornado Alley in United States of America. While being out on the fields, Marko is also enjoying taking weather photographs of the planet Earth's most robust severe storms and its majestic weather phenomena. The photographs of severe storms are often a much appreciated source of additional input data for his research.

The website www.InflowJet.NET is dedicated to United States severe weather research throughout weather forecasting, detailed case studies with synoptic background analysis and eXtreme storm chasing reports. Some brief notes will be posted regularly on the blog, while for detailed research and special case studies please refer to the main website under Reports/Case Studies section. Additionally, a section named "Education" shares variety spectrum of education material used while researching severe weather.

The www.InflowJet.NET is maintaned by Marko Korosec and Andrej Flis, whose deep interest and improving knowledge in severe weather research was lately found by Marko. Andrej's cooperation has already been visible in sharing ideas for preparing this website and will surely continue throughout the research processes in the future.

Marko shares his weather photography on his primary website www.Weather-Photos.net where photographs from the storm chase expeditions in Tornado Alley can be separately found on the following links:

Furthermore, one can reach Marko Korosec via his email at info@inflowjet.net.

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